This is how Covid felt

I become ill with Covid-19 disease between March and April. It was something I had never experienced before. Although the actual symptoms of the flu, such as a runny nose or cough, were not particularly painful for me, the general fatigue, aches and pains were unimaginable.

First my child got sick, he vomited for a day and then had a fever for a week. He was in a lot of pain. Shortly before he got better, I myself got a really bad headache and flu symptoms. Luckily, however, the child recovered quickly and was able to be looked after by others so that I could sleep off the illness in peace.

At times, when I couldn’t keep my eyes open and pencil in hand, I learned to draw on my tablet. Setting up the pen and finding the right drawing program took some time, but I gradually discovered that digital art can be really rewarding to work with.

I think I captured the feeling that racked me during my worst days of illness well in these two paintings. It took weeks to work on the images, gradually learning the tool and bringing out the emotion. Finally, when I got the images printed and framed, I couldn’t put them on my wall at home. My child thought they were too scary. I partly agree with him. But these pictures are a good reminder that Covid-19 was not just a cold.

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