Summer comes with a hint of pink

Colorful and abstract acrylic painting by artist Tiina Willman

In Finland spring comes quicly. After long and dark winter time everything is suddenly vivid in colors. This spring there has given me a new palette of colors. I’ve found strong pastel kind of tones – especially pink has suprised me. It seems that after focusing on basic colors, it’s time to blossom with the nature.

Day is a praise of long summer days, when sun doesn’t set at all. It’s almost like nights are having a vacation and days are taking a both shifts. Day is also a metaphor for self-awareness. When you see all aspects of yourself – strong and weak, you can better understand your own feelings and reactions. No one can be perfect, but humanity includes both light and dark edges.

Love doesn’t need much of an explanation. It’s one of the most uncontrollable emotions one can feel. Like life it self, love has almost all the shades of prism, but usually only few of the brighest colors are seen my the fallen ones. There might be edges and bursts of feelings that comes from deep inside of a vounerable human. Love brings both in to light – empowering togetherness and edges of a past life. That makes loving so hard and also the best feeling ever.

Both Day and Love are and acrylic paintings on canvas. They are inspired by several other paintings seen in YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites. There is love all over the internet. Thank you all for that.

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Day 40 x 50 cm (1 500 €)
Love 40 x 50 cm (800 €)

Day and Love are part of a new collection called “Happiness”. Here you can browse all categories.