Return to the arms of summer

The early summer sun sparkles on the water’s surface, sending golden rays into the air, illuminating our world with bright colors. Trees rustle gently in the breeze, their greenery rich and vibrant. It’s a moment when the heart feels like it’s swelling, realizing that the entire summer lies ahead. It’s the sensation of freedom and boundless possibility when time stands still, and the world seems open and inviting.

I watch my son, his hair shimmering in the sunlight, and his laughing eyes reflecting pure joy. He’s at that age when the world is full of wonders and adventures, and each day is an opportunity for a new experience. He dashes along the sandy beach, feet tingling, until he stops and looks curiously at the water. Without hesitation, he steps into the clear water, first cautiously with his toes, then more boldly with his feet.

I hear his giggles as the cold.

waves lap his feet. He continues forward, deeper into the water, until he’s knee-deep. Then, headfirst, he dives completely under. A minute later, he surfaces, hair wet and face flushed from the cold. He’s radiantly happy, a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Mom, the water’s so cool!” he calls out to me, and I smile back, a feeling of love and pride swelling in my heart.

He swims for a while, completely surrendering to the combination of water and sun, savoring every moment. Then, he emerges from the water, droplets rolling off his skin and splattering onto the sand. He approaches me, and I hand him a large, soft towel. He wraps it around himself, closing his eyes as he feels its warm embrace.

“Mom, this is the best,” he says to me, eyes closed, smiling.

“It truly is,” I reply, “early summer days are the best. When there’s no rush, when you can simply enjoy the warmth, the coolness, the freedom. When the whole world is open, and everything is possible.”

He nods and settles beside me on the sand. Together, we gaze at the sky, filled with bright, white clouds and sunbeams. The world feels open, brimming with opportunities and adventures. This is a moment I want to remember always, a moment when everything feels possible, when love and connection are the strongest forces in the world. This is when life feels perfect.

If my work “Summer” were to unfold as a story, it could be something like the above. In the chill of October, a return to the bosom of summer brings a smile to my lips and awakens an ache of anticipation for next summer.

After finishing a piece, there is always a moment to stop and wonder about the process and how it produced something so complete.

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Galleria Rantapuisto 9.10.-30.11.2023 Vuosaaren merellisessä rantaviivassa, Hotelli Rantapuiston Gallerikäytävällä herää kesän muistot henkiin 9.10.-30.11.2023 ajan. Kesän syli on kokoelma teoksia, joiden värimaailma kuljettaa sinut alkukesät kirkkaista ilon hetkistä loppukseän lämpimään lempeyteen. Tiina Rikka Helsinkiläinen kuvataiteilija Tiina Rikka ammentaa teoksiinsa syvistä tunteista ja ajatuksista, tuoden ne eloon värikylläisin ja rohkein siveltimenvedoin. Jokainen teos on matka hänen…

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