Day at the beach

Idea of capturing the day

There was one day at the beach that had amazing colors and wind that made clothes and hair wave beautifully. I just had to capture that day.

The a warm – but not too hot day at July 2021. We were spending lazy day at the Yyteri Beach, near the City of Pori. Sand was heated by the sun, but water made the damp sand of the beach pleasantly cool. You just had to take off your shoes.

A sketch that become art

At home I wanted to paint that beautiful summer day witch the project Day at the beach is about. At the same time I wanted to learn more about painting realistic and colorful figures of wild nature and humans. I took a paper and started to find basic lines of shadows and lights. I wanted the girl in the front to look back to past and reversed the picture vertically. Finding the delicate lines of the shadows was so satisfying that I switched pencil to a marker pen. This is how sketch for a painting become art on its…

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