Burning Cathedral

painting of burning cathedral

Acrylic on canvas.

Year: 2020

Size: 20 x 30 cm

Frame: no

Price: 300 €

Nothing more to say – I hope this kind of view could only be a dystopia to all of us.

This painting is on exhibition!

Exhibition at Malmi Library 1.-30.6.2022

My first public art exhibition is placed on the Malmi library. This is a nice coincidence, because the same building was also a place for my job I got myself. Lots…

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Exhibition at Tapiola Library 15.10.-4.11.2022

My exhibition is held at Tapiola Library 15.10.-4.11.2022.

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Näyttely Tapiolan kirjastossa 15.10.-4.11.2022

Taidenäyttelyni Tapiolan kirjaston näyttelyparvella 15.10.-4.11.2022.

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