Best Team Ever

I had a pleasure to work with my dream team for about a 3 years. Because we live in Finland the last party we had together was “pikkujoulu (= pre Christmas party) last November. We had the party at my house after spending a day at Korkeasaari Zoo. And for those who don’t know me – we were working in IT , like so many other Finns do.

picture of people pretending to be drunk on the sofa

When almost all the quest had left, me and two of my former colleagues decided to arrange a photo shoot. The tradition of Finnish “pikkujoulu” is usually to drink heavily. Even thought this may have changed and nowadays even the “pikkujoulu” celebrations are more about having fun together than drinking heavily. So here is one of the picture we took sometime at the wee hours. It’s a it is a tribute as both the drink-centric pre Christmas celebration of the recent past in Finland and the paintings depicting the drinking of the 19th-20th century nobles.

First two sessions

It didn’t took many days for me to realize that I really had to paint this picture – even when the photo was already expressing the euphoria quite well itself.

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Here, one of the medals has been transferred to a painting. At first I was afraid that the black and white ribbon would be too dominant, but I think it sits surprisingly nicely next to the soft knit surface.

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