Migraine Waves

painting of waves

One of my all time favorite paintings is Waves. This – like some other painting has born with in extraordinary circumstances. One day I was having a strange feeling that I didn’t walk on the ground but about 10 cm above it. Sounds, smells and touch were suddenly many times more powerful than normal. But for some reason I needed to paint.

Colors were oblivious – starting with blue and then adding some gold and silver. After couple of hours I got into black. The black seemed to blend in with the previous colors, finding its place easily and creating just the right layer in the painting that gradually became a migraine in my own brain.

I didn’t finish this painting that night. I spent couple of days laying in my bed with migraine that blinded me for hours. When I got back my normal brain waves I couldn’t believe that I had painted my migraine attack so descriptively. But there were something missing… the last moments before the blindness – the smaller but sharper edges that comes across the waves.

I took black permanent marker and made black lines over the waves. I had seen this kind of abstract art in some YouTube tutorials and it came to me that second. Maybe people behind those tutorials have experienced a migraine too.

PS. This painting have been sold and with the person who bought the painting, we playfully continue to call it a migraine.

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Acrylic painting on canvas 2020 40 x 100 cm Sold

Waves in your head

Sometimes I feel eagerness to paint when feeling confused or odd in other ways. It’s hard to describe the feeling. Having strong emotions, physical sensations or oppressive thoughts can be repressive – even if there are positive reasons behind them. With this painting there’s a repeating pattern of not realizing incoming migraine. Like so many…