close up of the painting

I finally got back to painting. I managed to add one of the most important things of the day in that picture. The people have medals hanging from their necks with ribbons in black and white. These medals reflect their dedication, commitment and devotion to their work and to the best team ever.

In addition to the medals, each member of this team received a book of honor. It was a collection of compliments from other people as well as their legendary quotes and messages over the years.

In terms of painting, I was able to learn more about working the canvas and gradually I think I was able to bring more life to the different surfaces. However, there is still a long way to go to the finish line and more on that in the next blog post.

All these medals were given to the members of the Best Team Ever with certificates of honor at the Korkeasaari Zoo.
Here, one of the medals has been transferred to a painting. At first I was afraid that the black and white ribbon would be too dominant, but I think it sits surprisingly nicely next to the soft knit surface.

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First two sessions

It didn’t took many days for me to realize that I really had to paint this picture – even when the photo was already expressing the euphoria quite well itself.

Best Team Ever

This work of art is still in progress. follow the progress of the work in this blog.