Inspiration over grammar

Sometimes when getting exited, I become blind for details. My brain runs in multiple tracks and it’s like trying to focus on at least 10 movies at the same time. I don’t have any time or energy to spot minor factors – the flow towards perfect combination of shapes and color combinations is far more tempting.

As in photography, instead of single cars, the light lines that form congested traffic with a long exposure time are more interesting to me.

The almost fleeting burst of inspiration is useful in painting. Like the painting of this blog post shows. I remember finding the perfect combination of yellow and black while working on one other piece of art. I had screeding spatula next to me and blank canvas. Then the painting emerged as if by itself.

But… when it comes to writing. I really have to learn double check important messages and social media posts. I know it’s only human of me to have bad grammar and some spelling mistakes. But writing is not like painting. The form isn’t that flexible and creativity is not in the forms, but in the content and the images that reading brings.

I prefer to be inspired rather than rigidly correct in my writing. So excuse my English.

Tiina Rikka

I hope this blog post would help encourage you to write in a foreign language without having to make grammatical or spelling mistakes. In the end, it’s better to be understood now than to be stuck in a rut.

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