Flowing in the morning

I have love and hate relationship with mornings. The morning determines much of the direction of the day. A calm, warm and sunny morning provides a less stressful start to the day than a busy, noisy and dark one. Unfortunately, there are more of these less relaxed mornings, especially in everyday life.

The painting that depicts those ethereal, timeless mornings is right at the centre of my weekday mornings, on the kitchen wall. There it reminds me of the opportunity to choose, even if only for a cup of coffee, to stop, breathe and take a pinch of the magic of a peaceful morning with me.

The painting itself is part of my experimentation with watercolour painting. The painting is originally A3 in size, but the square frames tempt me to focus my attention on the gently floating pattern in the centre of the work, which begins and ends by fading into its background.

Flow’s sister work, Dust, also captures the same mood of being in no hurry to get anywhere. Dust can currently be found on my living room wall.

picture of painting hanging on the kitchen wall

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Oil painting on paper. Size 50 x 70 cm. Year 2023. Not for sale.


Oil painting on canvas. Size 30 x 40 cm. Year 2023. Not for sale.

Iloa pomppii pimeän keskelle

Tänään oli taas aika ripustaa uusi näyttely. Tämä näyttely oli aivan eri tavalla kevyt kuin aikaisemmat näyttelyni. Paloheinän kirjaston lukusalin seinillä näkyy myös sellaisia teoksia, joita ei vielä ole muissa näyttelyissä tai virtuaaligalleriassani nähty.

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