First two sessions

It didn’t took many days for me to realize that I really had to paint this picture – even when the photo was already expressing the euphoria quite well itself. It was also a great motivation for me to improve my skills in painting people. It was self-evident that this work of art could not be made very small. So I chose 80 x 60 cm canvas to work with.
The picture below shows the painting after two sessions. First I sketched the picture with pencil and then painted the whole canvas light sky blue. Next day I started painting faces – because I usually start from the hardest parts of the picture.

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Best Team Ever

This work of art is still in progress. follow the progress of the work in this blog.

picture of unfinished painting on the table
Like so many times with other paintings too, came the backwater phase, and the work did not progress for a moment. One weekend, however, I decided to continue painting with beautiful natural light and got into a surprising battle with my own jumper (with silvery hearts on it!). It wasn’t easy to paint a knitted texture and make it look real. I really like learning new things and in addition to painting i spent several hours on YouTube watching instructional videos on painting clothes.

Let’s see when I feel like sitting down with this one next time. I’ll let you know then.

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