Everyday Magic

Sometimes my paintings start from a situation where there are mixed colours left over from another painting.

This happened last weekend when I was working on my Best Team Ever -painting. The gorgeous, shimmering green paint in the mixing bowl wouldn’t let itself be washed away, but demanded to get into the main part. So around it, a magical green and vibrant yellow piece of art was created. The black colour’s role is not to cover up this time but to further enhance the colours.

Like leftover paint, there are many things and emotions in our lives that are easily hidden under the black paint of everyday life. They deserve all your attention, even for a fleeting moment. Did you notice the child’s trusting gaze when you promise to come early from work tonight, a neighbour’s friendly greeting when it’s pouring outside or your favourite cup of coffee and warm woollen socks when you’re tired and cold? They are the magic of everyday life.