Finding My Identity

The exploration of identity has always been central in art history, and for me, the themes of postmodernism, such as polysemy and relativity, have been particularly inspiring.

Return to the arms of summer

The early summer sun sparkles on the water’s surface, sending golden rays into the air, illuminating our world with bright colors. Trees rustle gently in the breeze, their greenery rich and vibrant. It’s a moment when the heart feels like it’s swelling, realizing that the entire summer lies ahead. It’s the sensation of freedom and…

Migraine Waves

One of my all time favorite paintings is Waves. This – like some other painting has born with in extraordinary circumstances.

Finding the steps

The stunning combination of an old and imposing architectural building and people going about their daily business, tempted me to take a closer look at the picture.


Here, one of the medals has been transferred to a painting. At first I was afraid that the black and white ribbon would be too dominant, but I think it sits surprisingly nicely next to the soft knit surface.

Everyday Magic

Do you find magic in your everyday life? I find it in smiles, warmth of woolen socks and in leftover paint. Read more in my latest blog post.

How’s your tolerance window?

This painting has an exceptional background. It is not originally a work of art at all, but a tool for stress management. Last autumn I was under a lot of stress and felt that life was a constant tiring and struggle to cope day to day. Even the smallest adversity felt almost impossible. At the…

Exhibition opened at Malmi Library

First of June was a special Wednesday, I left work excited to be able to bring my paintings and drawings to a public exhibition for the first time. I had packed the paintings well in bubble wrap and large bags the night before. The exhibition set up on the floor felt right. In addition, I…

A sketch that become art

At home I wanted to paint that beautiful summer day witch the project Day at the beach is about. At the same time I wanted to learn more about painting realistic and colorful figures of wild nature and humans. I took a paper and started to find basic lines of shadows and lights. I wanted…

This is how Covid felt

I become ill with Covid-19 disease between March and April. It was something I had never experienced before.


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