Visual artist Tiina Rikka

I am primarily an artist for myself. I process my feelings and thoughts, bringing them to life in colour and form. I don’t think anything is impossible in art. I trust in my own ability to learn and create. You might get to know me better by reading my blog posts. In addition to visual expression, writing is important to me.


You might get to know me better by reading my blog posts. In addition to visual expression, writing is important to me. I also get sparks of joy from working on my website.

My native language is Finnish, so writing in English is good practice for me. I believe in using language boldly instead of perfect grammar. Feel free to report my mistakes for correction, as feedback is healing. All kinds of tips and hints about my art are also welcome!

Here’s few of my latest blog posts


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I have hardly ever held exhibitions, except for private events. I built this website to open up my own expressive world. My friends and the customers have asked for open exhibitions, so I´ll try to arrange those too.

Exhibition at Malmi, Helsinki 1.-30.6.2022

Exhibition at Tapiola, Espoo 15.10.-4.11. 2022

Exhibition at Paloheinä, Helsinki 1.-31.12.2022 (page in finnish)

More about me

I was born in 1982 in Helsinki, Finland. I’m an only child of my mother and father. I’ve always had the priviledge to explore my creative side and my parents have couraged me to draw, paint, dance, act, sing and play instruments – although I didn’t show specific talent for any of these as a small child.

My grandfather Heikki Rikka worked at the architectural agency and he provided me with numerous large papers with exiting floor layouts. Especially I enjoyed the possibilities of open space and empty rooms of those planned buildings. I could spend hours of drawing furnitures, plants and people in those architecture plans.

In upper-level school was a game changing time for me. My art teacher Riitta Fränti opened up a whole new world for me by telling me that creativity doesn’t have to be realistic, stay within boundaries or even be beautiful. She encouraged us to express our emotions (good and difficult) with bold movements and colours. At that time I also found the joy of experimenting different techniques and materials.

Later on I’ve used art as a recovery tool. My main job is to help people and businesses succeed in the midst of change. My core skills are in change management, ICT-development and governance practices. This kind of work is often hectic and quite pressuring. I channel lot of my emotions to art and also find almost meditative state some times.

Check out the bussines side of me on LinkedIn.

Buying my art

Online store is still just a dream. But meanwhile you can send me an e-mail.

All the paintings and drawings available for purchase are located in Helsinki, Finland. It’s better for both of us to meet in person – if it’s possible. That way you can be sure that the artwork is meant to be yours.

Prices don’t include additional taxes, shipping fees or any other surcharges.

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Contact info

Best way to contact me is by email

You can also find me on social media