Art is self care

painting of a faces

For me art is a very personal thing. I usually paint my emotions, dreams, hopes and fears. Especially stressful times and moments of despair, art can set me free. It is like talking with a therapist or a friend, but instead of talking, you paint or draw. In that way you can process the emotions hard to describe with words. It may not give you clear solutions but at least for me, art always reliefs pain and gives clearance and harmony.

Memories might be one of the most personal artwork I’ve ever made. Faces in the painting are from an old photo of me at my teens. I had some issues with dealing myself and suffered from panic attacks. Memories have tree similar faces that are a bit different after closer look. These tiny details are the messages, feelings and cries of help that many people are sending, hoping someone to notice.

Dealing past emotions with art, gives you opportunity to be the caring adult for yourself. Dealing with past situations – with art or any other way, can help you be more content and stress-free in your life. Remember to seek for help whenever needed. It’s a act of courage and self love.

  • Acrylic on fiberboard
  • Year: 2020
  • Size: 50 x 70 cm
  • Not for sale